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Tamal criollo $10

Our traditional pork tamale, steamed in a banana leaf wrap. Salsa criolla.

Anticuchos* $18

Beef hearts marinated with Aji Panca, traditionally served with sliced potatoes and choclo.

Choclo $12

Large corn on the cob paired with queso fresco and mild aji amarillo sauce.

Kausa $15

A unique potato starter, mashed potatoes seasoned with lime juice and ají amarillo. Layered with chicken salad.


Quinoa Salad $16

Quinoa seasoned with aji amarillo pepper, mixed with farmers cheese and corn, served with lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and avocado


Parihuela $26

Peruvian style seafood soup with tilapia, calamari, shrimp, mussels, clams, a touch of rocoto.

Aguadito $12

Cilantro based chicken soup. Full of flavor with peas, carrots and potatoes.

Sandwiches & Ceviches


A lo Pobre* $14

Grilled steak with a fried egg, fried plantains, and lettuce

Traditional $12

Slices of our rotisserie chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, aji amarillo sauce and house dressing

Peruanísimo $13

Roasted & marinated pork with fried sweet potatoes and sarsa criolla


Leche de Tigre* $

This popular ceviche cocktail is known as “Tiger’s Milk”

Ceviche de Pescado $

Tilapia or haddock marinated in our typical ceviche spices.

Ceviche Mixto $

An exceptional ceviche made from a variety of seafood.

Cocina criolla


Chaufa de mariscos $26

Chinese-Peruvian style fried rice cooked and mixed with seafood

Bisteck a lo Pobre* $28

“Poor man’s steak,” a hearty dish consisting of steak, fried plantains, a sunny side up egg, french fries and rice.

Aji de Gallina $22

A mouthwatering dish of pulled chicken breast, cooked in a creamy Peruvian yellow pepper sauce. Sliced hard boiled egg, potatoes, rice, botija olive.

Tallarines verdes* $

Spaghetti with spinach and basil sauce topped with your choice of grilled chicken or steak. Garnished with golden potatoes.

Chaufa $

Peruvian fried rice cooked with chicken or beef.

Seco a la norteña $26

An old family recipe of marinated beef simmered with cilantro and chicha de jora (corn beer). Peruvian canary beans and rice on the side.

Lomo Saltado* $26

A Peruvian staple. Juicy sirloin strips stir-fried with onions & tomatoes. Served with rice & fries.




Pisco Flan $6.5

Peruvian style Flan with pisco