Ceviche en crema de Rocoto
    Our Signature dish of fresh fish bathed in spicy rocoto cream sauce
    Leche de Tigre
    This popular dish known as "Tiger's Milk" consist of shrimps perched on martini containing a ceviche's juice with chunks of fish. This aphrodisiac dish is recommended as a hangover cure.
    Ceviche de Pescado
    Tilapia or Haddock or served in bite-sized pieces, marinated in our typical ceviche spices
    Ceviche Mixto
    Raw seafood variety marinated in lime juice and served with sweet potato, golden potato, toasted corn, boiled corn kernels and rocotto pepper.
  • Cocina Criolla

    A classic combination of grilled steak and shrimp topped with salsa madre ( Aji amarillo and pisco sauce)
    Tallarin verde pollo
    Spinach and basil pasta topped with your choice of grilled steak or chicken garnished with golden potatoes
    Arroz Chaufa
    Chinese-Peruvian style fried rice cooked with your choice of chicken, and beef
    Bisteck a lo pobre
    "Poor Man's Steak" a hearty dish consisting of steak, fried plantains a sunny side up egg, french fries and rice.
    Aji de Gallina
    A succulent dish made of thin strips of chicken cooked in a creamy yellow chili sauce, garnished with an olive and a boiled egg
    Seco de Carne
    An old family recipe of marinated beef simmered with cilantro and Chicha de Jora (corn beer ) served with Peruvian Canary beans and rice
    Lomo Saltado
    A delicious and distinctively Peruvian dish consisting of juicy sirloins strips stir fried with onions, tomatoes and french fries served with a side of rice
    Pollo Can Chan
    The Labyrinth-like structure of the archaeological site of Chan-Chan served as an inspiration for this dish made of fried rolls of chicken breast stuffed with shrimp, spinach and cheese served with sp…
  • Cold Appetizers

    palta primavera
    Avocado halves filled with chicken salad and garden vegetables
    Choros a la Chalaca
    A famous dish from Lima's port area Callao where its habitants "Los Chalacos" enjoy this recipe of Peruvian style mussels topped with a spicy lime sauce
    Causa Limeña
    Lima style Causa or Kausay in Quechua word which means "Life" or "Sustenance of Life". Is a famous Peru's coastal dish made of mashed yellow potatoes layered with chicken salad.
    Papa a la Huancaina
    A signature dish from Huancayo, slices of boiled potato chilled and covered with a creamy Aji Amarillo sauce
  • Hot Appetizers

    Choclo Peruano
    A classic food of the Andes - Peruvian corn on the cob served with queso fresco
    Anticuchos peruanos
    Slices of beef heart marinated in special seasoning and served with slices of boiled potatoes and peruvian corn
    Papa Rellena
    Mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef and fried in the shape of a crispy golden potato
    Delicious beef wrapp around bread dough. See image  
    Chicharrones con camote
    Crispy fried pork served with sweet potato and salsa criolla (onion relish)
    Tamal Criollo
    Hand made tamale stuffed with pork, cooked while wrapped in leaf
    Yuquitas a la huancaina
    Fried yuca with creamy aji amarillo sauce       
    Piqueo Machu Picchu
    A great combination of chicharrones, anticuchos, fried yuca, salsa criolla (onion relish), Peruvian corn , and huancaina sauce
  • Salads

    Ensalada Tradicional
    Grilled chicken strips served on a bed of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, and Avocado
    Ensalada Casa Machu Picchu
    A festive salad consisting of Lettuce, Spinach, Corn, Tomatoes, Avocado, Cucumbers, and Queso Fresco
    A nutritious gluten free grain of the Andes. Season Quinoa served with a delicious house salad
  • SeaFood

    Chinese -Peruvian style fried rice mixed with seafood.
    Fried tilapia served with rice, fried yucca and house salad.
    Fish fillet topped with seafood sauce and a touch of pisco.
    Sudado de Pescado
    A dish of gently braised fish with a delicate sauce of spanish onions, tomatoes and cilantro served with rice
    Jalea Imperial
    A fabulous combination of lightly deep fried seafood and yuca topped with marinated onions and tomatoes
  • Soups

    Caldo de Gallina
    According to Peruvian believe, this hen soup with noodles and egg restores energy an vitality
    The "Mother of all soups" is full of parboiled beef, carrots, celery, yuca, and Peruvian corn
    This hearty chicken soup with peas, carrots, rice, and base of cilantro known to Peruvians as "Levanta muertos"soup "to raise the death" To keep people going well into the next day of a party
    Chupe de Camarones
    A specialty from Arequipa, this shrimp soup is cooked with a rich milk base and topped with a poached egg
    This marine feast is a seafood based soup full of fish, shrimp, clams, squid, and mussels
  • Vegetarian

    A rich and satisfying Peruvian style squash stew.
    "The Gold of the Incas" quinoa with vegetables and farmer's cheese. Served with rice.
    Spinach and basil pasta, topped with golden potatoes.
    A nutritious gluten free grain of the Andes. Season Quinoa served with a delicious house salad