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  • A lo Pobre*

    • Sandwiches
    Grilled steak with a fried egg, fried plantains, and lettuce $14.00
  • Aguadito

    • Soups
    Cilantro based chicken soup. Full of flavor with peas, carrots and potatoes. $8.00$12.00
  • Aji de Gallina

    • Entreés
    A mouthwatering dish of pulled chicken breast, cooked in a creamy Peruvian yellow pepper sauce. Sliced hard boiled egg, potatoes, rice, botija olive. $22.00
  • Alfajores

    • Desserts
    Peruvian cookies filled with dulce de leche $10.00
  • Anticuchos*

    • Starters
    Beef hearts marinated with Aji Panca, traditionally served with sliced potatoes and choclo. $18.00
  • Arroz con leche

    • Desserts
    Peruvian style rice pudding $3.50
  • Beans (GF)

    • Side orders
  • Bisteck a lo Pobre*

    • Entreés
    “Poor man’s steak,” a hearty dish consisting of steak, fried plantains, a sunny side up egg, french fries and rice. $28.00
  • Budin

    • Desserts
    Peruvian style bread pudding $3.50