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  • Anticuchos*

    • Starters
    Beef hearts marinated with Aji Panca, traditionally served with sliced potatoes and choclo. $18.00
  • Choclo

    • Starters
    Large corn on the cob paired with queso fresco and mild aji amarillo sauce. $12.00
  • Kausa

    • Starters
    A unique potato starter, mashed potatoes seasoned with lime juice and ají amarillo. Layered with chicken salad. $15.00
  • Para picar *

    • Starters
    A combination platter of anticuchos, tamale, yuquitas a la huancaina, choclo, salsa criolla. $28.00
  • Pulpo Anticuchero

    • Starters
    Grilled octopus glazed with anticucho spices. Potato, botija olive aioli. $18.00