About Us

Welcome to Machu Picchu restaurant

Restaurante Turístico Machu Picchu was born from the longing of its founder, Rosy Cerna, for her native Peru. Unable to forger her roots and culture, she decided in 2003 to start spreading and sharing her Culinary Art in the city of Somerville, MA.

The Culinary Art created by Rosy is the result of centuries of tradition and the incorporation of a wide variety of flavors that has earned Peruvian cuisine admiration and respect around the world. The distinctive flavors and broad range of Peru’s gastronomy is due to the great geographic, ecological and cultural diversity that Peru holds within its borders.

Rosy has taken on the challenge of sharing Peru’s Culinary Art with dedication and enthusiasm. She considers it very important that people of different nationalities have the opportunity to experience a Peruvian restaurant that offers quality and exceptional service.

The values of Machu Picchu are to make known the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine and to preserve our culture and respect our culinary heritage.

Machu Picchu’s menu is made up of several traditional recipes that have been preserved from generation to generation, using authentic ingredients and each receiving a special touch from Rosy.

Machu Picchu has a pleasant atmosphere with decorations taken from our rich cultural heritage. It is a place where you can go for a romantic dinner, a family meal or a business lunch. To complete your Peruvian experience, we also have Andean music every Friday night.

Thanks for being part of this great family.

We invite you to visit and enjoy the magic of Machu Picchu!